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In my spare time I like to design beaded trinkets and jewelry.

Feel free to browse and see if anything catches your eye. I am just starting out, so please let me know what you think of my work. Hope you enjoy it!


I use a variety of materials in my work, such as glass, crystal, ceramic, natural stone and shell beads as well as gold, silver, platinum or bronze-plated beads. Natural, synthetic and metallic fibers and threads. Items can be customized by color, size and even materials.

Large sets
- made from heavier materials such as hand crafted ceramics, natural stones, and metal beadwork
[created as custom items to match specific outfits for special occassions]
- individual trinkets varying in color that can be clipped onto purses, backpacks, keychains, to accessorize/ personalize an item.
[made wit mettalic wire for durability]
- made from red maple, pine oak, or strawberry tree wood, nylon tread, hand strung glass and crystal beads
[originally an American Indian craft meant to keep nightmares from little children]
Kids sets
- made from a variety of materials on durable metallic thread that is strong and kid friendly.
[tend to be of smaller sizes, but can be cutomized]
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