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Design projects

These projects focus on application and web site design aspects.
Concept work

Worked collaboratively to create innovative concepts focused on improving the user experience, for various devices.

Software themes

Developed software application themes - color palettes and icon sprites as well as navigation schemes and interaction models.

  • Software
    > BigSheets - Online application, rapidly gather insight and analysis from enormous amounts of data.
    > Blue Spruce - Web collaboration application, lets users  share screens and communicate via telepresence.​

  • Themes, Logos and Icon sprites
       > Mashup Hub icons

       > Vold Editor icons
       > BigSheets screen
       > Xtreme Tech group: ​content winner, logo and motto.

Design visions

Leveraged user research methodologies (findings) to formulate pattern based recommendations to influence the web site design systems and improve the end user web experience.​

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